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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive, adaptable, and cost-effective cloud-based platform, enabling state of the art transparency and financial optimization. Our collaborative and creative approach delivers innovative solutions, increases financial transparency, automates manual processes, and, by applying a decade’s worth of business-process logic, greatly improves your financial health. AdminisTEP promotes a collaborative and creative environment that encourages its team of industry experts and developers to think outside the box, which leads to innovative solutions for our clients.

Who Are We?

AdminisTEP is a team of dedicated healthcare IT professionals who understand what’s involved in making healthcare business decisions. Each of us has a passion for bringing smart, functional technology to a market whose technology solutions have long lagged. We can simplify your access to and use of critical data, allowing you to make informed decisions that reduce the cost of healthcare delivery. We are highly focused, and we solve problems.

How Did We Get Started?

AdminisTEP was begun when a few guys began asking a single question, “Instead of being shackled by HIPAA requirements, why can’t the healthcare industry benefit from them?” Believing that HIPAA could be a competitive advantage instead of a business headache, we began listening to client’ needs. After some random doodling, a few heated discussions, some anxious meetings, and a few million dollars — voila! A powerful, cloud-based portal was born. We found we could (and now do) provide ready solutions to client’s critical needs. In the process, we changed the healthcare marketplace.

Who Uses AdminisTEP?

Our clients come in all shapes and sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, from payors to providers, from primary care to third party and all points in-between. We don’t buy needed technology, we develop it, and we don’t conform to the entrenched clearinghouse models of the past. Further, we also offer our clients the option of using the AdminisTEP Platform as private-label solution. Our goal is to focus on the data.

Solely Focused on the Healthcare Marketplace

We don’t involve ourselves with other industries. Healthcare is our only focus. It’s a big industry with many challenging complications that are challenging enough for us. We don’t confuse things by trying to solve all the problems in the finance, telecommunications, travel, and internet-based retail sales industries. Their solutions likely don’t work in healthcare, and our solutions likely don’t work for them.

Heard Enough. . . Or Want More Information?

We would like to give you a personal demonstration of our Platform, roll up our sleeves and get down to the business of solving your problems and increasing your revenue functionality. For that, all we need is a little information and some data. We’ll do the rest.

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