Intelligent Data Driven Solutions That Optimize Financial Health

AdminisTEP is a a pre-adjudication suite of cloud-based solutions, including Business Process Outsourcing, Workflow, Clearinghouse, Business Rules, Exception Management and Analytics & Reporting.  AdminisTEP’s platform is an open architecture framework providing client configurable parameters for creating reject/denials letters, code editing, claim auditing, customized reporting & inquiry and interfaces to external applications.

AdminisTEP has served Medicare, Medicaid, & Commercial health plans for over 20 years.  Our platform architecture establishes a convergent point for all healthcare transactions (standard/non-standard electronic transaction and claim/non-claim paper correspondence).  The description below explains the foundation of the AdminisTEP solution:

revenue cycle management services



Automates manual processes and eliminates human touch points


Optimizes and eliminates bottlenecks with adaptable workflow

Business Process Outsourcing

Provides inbound & outbound mailroom services for claim and non-claim correspondence (mailbox hosting, pickup, prep, scan, OCR, verification, & electronic extractions)


Connects healthcare organizations for all healthcare transactions (claims, remittances, eligibility, claims status, authorizations, enrollment, & premium)

Intelligent Business Rules

Allows you to leverage our pre-adjudication rules engine or to customize your own rules


Provides real-time analytic visibility into your financial health

Exception Management

Enables real-time exception management with robust workflow that optimizes critical error handling

Consultant Approach

Our team partners with our clients to implement best-in-class solutions

Compliance & Security

State of the art HIPAA and HITECH compliance systems and procedures

Healthcare organizations rely heavily on data for all aspects of their business.  The AdminisTEP Platform ensures data integrity from the point of creation and enables greater visibility throughout the revenue cycle.  Our products and services improve every step of a healthcare organization’s revenue cycle – from data creation, through claims scrubbing, to payment.  We enable healthcare organizations increase profitability while reducing the hassles and costs associated with managing revenue.  Our collaborative and creative approach delivers innovative solutions, increases revenue transparency, automates manual processes, and, by applying a decade’s worth of business-process logic, enhances your financial health.

AdminisTEP enables healthcare organizations to triage, stabilize and operationalize strategies to increase performance. By leveraging AdminisTEP’s powerful reporting and analytics, you take greater control of your operational health.  With the proper operational visibility, healthcare organizations gain valuable insight.  AdminisTEP’s healthcare business analytics delivers specialized reports in real-time, giving you the ability to make informed decisions about claims and correspondence, and, in a single interface, helps you identify and remedy exceptions, manage revenue, member and healthcare organization information, as well as government-required reporting. 

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