Steps to Revenue Health

AdminisTEP provides a thorough review of the current financial health of your organization. Our consultative approach is designed to bring you a best-in-class solution for the operational and financial needs of your healthcare organization. 

Our individualized approach assigns each client a dedicated account manager as the liaison for coordinating all efforts related to projects, technical support, task prioritization, enhancements, monthly report cards, and issue resolution.  The account manager is responsible for day-to-day communication and on-site visits to ensure all services are delivered to your expectations.

We dedicate the following resources to each client:

  • Account Manager to coordinate all provided services
  • Production Liaison to coordinate all production incidents
  • Application Developer to coordinate all tasks regarding specific business rules.
  • Provider outreach representative to coordinate provider direct submission, training, and support.

These dedicated resources are backed by a team that provides national support for the overall AdminisTEP environment.  Depending on project requirements and priorities, the Account Manager can draw on additional resources to ensure that project tasks and priorities are completed within a reasonable timeline.

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